What is the form of recovery and follow-up if I have a problem or question during my recovery?

Answer: Zadarod Tourism Company of Spadana believes that providing services to the patient does not end with departure to your country so if you have problems you can ask your questions and problems to our experts in the way that you are informed to establish Contact your GP to announce your desired response

We will always be with you

What side services does your company provide to the patient and the patient?

Zadanod Spadana Tourism Company has tried to focus on quality in formulating and designing treatment and diagnosis. In this regard, since we believe that the patient and his / her companion need appropriate recreational, pilgrimage and travel services, we have designed very suitable programs for your accompanying during your stay in Iran.

In what cities is health care available?

Answer: Our services will be available in Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Kermanshah and Yazd.

How to get admission?

A: You can refer to the Resources menu and the Acceptance section to complete the information to inform you of the supplement and answer.

If you are having trouble completing the acceptance form, the experts will contact you after completing the quick information form from the front page and sending us your information and will provide you with the best description of your service.

How are your tariffs calculated?

Answer: The tariffs are determined by the type of service and the type of illness and by the quality of our treatment centers. These tariffs will be as low as possible and of high quality. The hotel services are also tailored to a favorable contract with accommodation centers to make it cheaper than direct access to the same hotel. In fact, all of our services have special discounts.

What advantages does your company have over other tourism companies?

Answer: Spadana Live Health Tourism Company has the following benefits:

A. Contracted with important hospitals with high quality medical and diagnostic in Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Kermanshah and ...

B- Having representative offices in Iraq and Afghanistan and ...

C) Precise tariffs and no additional costs to the patient

D) Tariffs in accordance with legal tariffs for the patient

E) By checking patient records and designing treatment before the patient leaves for Iran, the patient's living expenses are greatly saved and patient time is wasted.

F) The presence of qualified, reputable and qualified medical practitioners