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Xenderood Health Tourism

Xenderood Ispadana Health Tourism Company as the first officially licensed facilitator company to provide diagnostic health services from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. This company relies on the scientific and executive capacity of specialists in tourism and healthcare services, as well as having advanced medical centers in different medical fields and establishing necessary infrastructures to   do all of  surgical and diagnostic treatments using the capacities of hospitals, health centers and Isfahan healthcare city to provide health tourists with desirable and innovative services to promote the status of Iran and the city of Isfahan.Striving for electrification of friendship and lasting peace among nations, increasing life expectancy and health in the community with respect to people’s desires and respect to their tastes and entrepreneurship are the company’s top priorities.  (Together, Iran is the world’s tourism hub)

Future Prospects

We focus on recognizing hospitality and health tourism services and also benefiting from purposive programs and being commitment in our mission so that we believe we could be one of the most prestigious health tourism company all over the world in next three years.

Organizational values

  • Providing accurate and transparent information
  • Reduce costs
  • Complete consultation
  • Follow up patient’s condition after discharge
  • Respect clients’ time
  • Developing capable manpower
  • Respect for their dignity and personality and the rights of patients and their companions
  • Inter-departmental collaboration with relevant agencies

Diverse medical Fields

Currently, the Xenderood Ispadana Health Tourism Company operates in about 10 diverse medical fields

Basic stages of Medical Tourism

Medical tourism has three basic stages, before treatment, treatment and after treatment. At these stages we provide a variety of services to patients and companions.

Before Entering Iran

Identification of the agency of origin of tourism, online consultation with specialist physicians, design of a medical package for the patient, and approval and arrival of passengers to Iran are among the items that are performed prior to arrival.

Residence in Iran

The steps taken at this stage include: a) welcoming you and staying in Iran. b) Treatment in specialized centers. c) Visiting historical, religious and recreational attractions in Iran

After Leaving Iran

At this stage, necessary steps are taken to return the traveler to his home country, and online follow-up to monitor the patient's condition by living physicians begins.

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